A few months back Dr. Gifford Jones; a renowned surgeon and graduate of Harvard Medical School was right here in Perth at Foodsmiths. I’ve read his articles over the years and was eager and excited to meet him in person. What I wasn’t expecting was to be convinced of my own need to increase my intake of Vitamin C and start taking Lysine on a daily basis.
I knew that supplementing with Vitamin C would be helpful during cold and flu season for immune support, but I didn’t realize that it could have a much farther reaching importance in my own life.
I knew that Lysine was an amino acid the body needs for protein formation, and since we can’t make it we need to get it through our diet or supplements. Just the same way as Vitamin C cannot be produced in the body, it must come through our food.
Boy, I didn’t know enough!
When Dr. Gifford Jones told us about his own research and experience with Vitamin C and Lysine, I was floored.
What I learned from his seminar was that Vitamin C and Lysine together have astounding health benefits. They help in the absorption of calcium. As a middle age woman, I’m thinking about preventing bone loss as I get older, protecting my bones is something that’s important to me.
Together Vitamin C and Lysine ward off shingles and diminish the duration and severity of an outbreak. I had chickenpox as a child and the viruses are related. I saw a friend suffer through a terrible bout of shingles, I know I don’t ever want to get it.
Dr. Gifford Jones also informed us that in combination, C and Lysine help to produce collagen as well as make us structurally stronger. It’s great for my hair and nails but I didn’t understand how it was really going to help my overall health.
My veins and arteries are of utmost importance to me. My mum died suddenly just after her 51st birthday of a brain aneurism. So the health of my blood vessels has long been on my mind.
Research has shown that Vitamin C removes the plaque that builds up in our arteries, as well as feeding our arteries all that good collagen which helps keep our blood vessels soft and pliable. Once I heard that, I knew it was something I needed to add to my diet. I want strong arteries that are flexible and healthy, and I want unblocked arteries so I can be around long past my 51st birthday!
I know that keeping my arteries healthy decreases my risk of stroke, heart attack, angina and even common circulation issues.
So now I know that Medi-C Plus is something that can give me the exact combination of Vitamin C and Lysine that I want and need for overall health and well being. And it only takes two tiny scoops a day to make sure I will be raring to go for a long time to come.


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