In a perfect world we would all have flawless complexions, no wrinkles or fine lines, age spots or blemishes. And in an effort to have this beautiful perfect skin, what do we do? We load up on make-up, we cover those unsightly lines and spots with cover-up or concealer – which, let’s face it (and yes, pun intended), – never quite matches our skin tone. Then at the end of the day, when we finally scrape off the last of that caked-on make-up we find that though it may have temporarily covered the problem, it has also clogged our pores, thus creating more problem areas and aging us by years. Then comes the icing on the cake. We discover that most of these drugstore makeup brands contain chemicals and other ingredients that are even more harmful to our skin!
It’s a Catch-22. But that’s where we step in, and introduce you to our new make-up line and MY new best friend, Mineral Fusion®, making its debut appearance at Foodsmiths and frankly we couldn’t be more excited!! So, what’s so different about Mineral Fusion®, you may ask?

#1: Simple and Easy Application:
Not only do they offer huge variety of products in several different shades, Mineral Fusion® is also incredibly easy to use. Our Staff is happy to help you choose the best products for YOU! Now fully trained in the Mineral Fusion® line, we can’t wait to show you just how simple it really is.

#2: Pure, Natural Ingredients:
Unlike your average drugstore brands, Mineral Fusion® is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, artificial colours, fragrances and gluten too! They’ve tossed out the talc as well because talc can cause tearing and irritate the skin, and also dilutes the pigment or colour of your make-up. Meaning you need to apply more and therefore costing you more money! But what’s worse, talc is considered a toxic ingredient very similar to asbestos and can be found as an ingredient to steer clear of on the Environment Canada Domestic Substance List.
Mineral Fusion® is also free of a nasty little ingredient called phthalates. If you thought the talc was bad, just wait! Phthalates (an ingredient commonly used in plastics) is present in your average make-up too. This industrial chemical is used as a solvent in most mainstream cosmetics, hair sprays, deodorants and nail polishes. While giving make-up its staying power’, phthalates have also been shown to damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive systems and can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Banned in European make-up since 2003, phthalates still play a role in make-up sold in Canada and the United States. So, like me, I’m sure you’re glad to hear that Mineral Fusion® steered clear of this stuff!

#3: Fresh Beautiful Looks:
Mineral make-up is really an amazing thing! Like your body your skin benefits from minerals as well. Iron, zinc, copper and manganese help to instantly even your skin tone, minimize the appearance of fine lines, and don’t leave you looking ‘made up’. What I love about mineral make-up is that you can have your cake and eat it too! Not only will it not clog your pores or accentuate your fine lines, but it actually is GOOD for your skin! Providing buildable coverage, you get that flawless look every time.

#4: Healthy, Radiant Skin:
Minerals encourage healthier skin and offer some UV protection too! Enriched with age-defying antioxidants such as pomegranate, white tea, red tea and sea kelp as well as vitamins C and E, Mineral Fusion® helps to defend against free-radical damage to your skin, which can cause premature aging.
Make-up and skincare all in one - how could it get any better?! Well, Mineral Fusion® also offers a wide range of hair care for all hair types, grey root concealer to hide those grey hairs between colouring, a wide variety of make-up brushes and beautiful nail polish colours (that are free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and phthalates).
I could go on and on!!
So now that you’ve tossed all of your old make-up, come into Foodsmiths and let me show you why Mineral Fusion® is my new favourite product!!!

Your Foodsmiths Esthetician,


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