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Important and Perhaps Surprising Facts about Cholesterol

Posted on August 18, 2016 | 0 comments

by Dr. Elie Klein, ND, B.Sc.

FACT 1. People over 60 with the lowest cholesterol levels have a lower life expectancy than those with normal or high levels, according to several studies published in medical journals:

a. British Medical Journal June 2016 (study suggested we need to rethink cholesterol role in heart disease)
b. Scientific World Journal May 2012
c. Circulation, issue 92, 1995
d. The Lancet, issue 350, 1997
e. JAMA, issue 257, 1987 (“30 years of follow up from the Framingham study”)

FACT 2. 72% of heart attack patients have low or normal “bad" LDL cholesterol levels according to a study of more than 136,000 people published in the American Heart Journal in 2009.

FACT 3. 85% of the cholesterol in your body is made within (by every cell).

FACT 4.Cholesterol has numerous important functions, including:

a. Making steroid hormones (progesterone, testosterone, vitamin D, etc.), all needed for good health.
b. Making bile acid, which is needed to help digest fats and fatty substances, including fat soluble vitamins (A, E, K, etc.) and to remove fatty waste. Bile regulates digestion and energy generation.
c. Being a part of nerve coverings and assisting with nerve conduction, thus regulating mood, thinking and memory.
d. It is a part of cells’ surface and the cells’ internal “skeletal” system: It helps maintain cell structure and cell functions, such as the absorption of nutrients, including glucose needed to produce energy.

FACT 5. Drug makers misrepresent the protective effect of cholesterol lowering meds on the incidence of cardiovascular events, showing the relative risk reduction (30%-50% reduced risk for a cardiovascular event) and not the true absolute risk reduction (1%-3% reduced risk). To better understand this idea, search online for the difference between absolute and relative risk reduction.

FACT 6. Common adverse effects of cholesterol lowering medications / low cholesterol include fatigue, muscle weakness and or pain, joint pain, gastrointestinal problems, short term memory loss and other cognitive and mood disturbances, increased risk for developing diabetes, and poor liver and kidney function.

FACT 7. A good analogy to explain the presence of cholesterol in plaque: “Just because the firemen are at the scene of the fire, it doesn’t mean they started the fire”. Cholesterol is there along with other material to help repair the damage to the arteries from bad food, stress, etc.

FACT 8. Common reasons for elevated cholesterol include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and stress, lack of certain nutrients and genetics. While high cholesterol levels don’t cause cardiovascular disease, the first four factors I just listed are closely associated with increased risk for cardiovascular events. Addressing these conditions successfully will help lower your cholesterol levels in a safe way and protect your heart and arteries.    

FACT 9. The right over the counter natural health product will help lower cholesterol by addressing these conditions in the following way:

a. Vitamin C sufficiency is needed to help convert cholesterol to bile acid, so cholesterol levels decrease.
b. Magnesium, chromium, vitamin E and B vitamins help improve insulin sensitivity and metabolize glucose.
c. Iodine, selenium, zinc, vitamin A and niacinamide (B3) help improve thyroid function.
d. Magnesium slows down the activity of a key cholesterol producing enzyme.
e. Vitamin C, magnesium, naicinamide and vitamin A help decrease excessive cortisol (stress hormone).
f. A number of nutrients have been shown to improve endothelial dysfunction, which means the conditions in the arteries that contribute to plaque build-up.
g. Dr. Mathias Rath published a double blind placebo study showing that  a combination formula that contained high dose vitamin C, lysine, proline, vitamin E, B vitamins, selenium, magnesium and a few more nutrients, helped reverse plaque in most subjects in 1 year (worst outcome was halt to plaque progression).

Is there a formula on the market that makes it simple and economical to attain all these nutrients? Yes, it is called Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Plus.

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