We test lots of products ourselves!

It's the sort of thing we love to do... and it often comes from real necessity. Here's a story about two of our staff members, Lisa and Lisa (same name, two wonderful people!) who tried our products with happy results!

Lisa T has an inner ear condition that causes inflammation, pain, and fluid build-up. One day she was experiencing a great deal of pain. Not eager to add any more regular pain reliever to her regimen, our Natural Body Care dept. came to Lisa T's rescue by suggesting that she try Sisu Full Spectrum Curcumin. This product is unique because it is water soluble. In fact, the bioavailability is 185X better than most brands, making it immediately body-ready and faster absorbed. One of the challenges with curcumin is that there's a limit to how much your body can absorb and actually use. Sisu has taken curcumin absorption to a whole new level by using micelle technology so it can readily be passed into the bloodstream.
It worked for Lisa, relieving the inflammation in her ear, and giving her relief from the pain within just a few hours. "It was still working after 18 hours of taking it, and it's a lot better for me than the regular pain relievers I was constantly on. I'm now taking the Sisu Curcumin regularly."

Lisa B has super sensitive skin, and is very careful about what she uses on her body. Deodorants are a particularly difficult product for her to use, as many of the ingredients, especially fragrance, cause adverse reaction. When we got Piper Wai natural deodorant in the store, she was eager to try it. Piper Wai uses activated charcoal, which can absorb 1,000X its own weight in moisture, keeping the user dry and stain-free without plugging sweat glands like aluminum based anti-perspirants. Therapeutic grade essential oils give Piper Wai its signature subtle, spa-like scent, which is gender neutral.
Lisa loved it. It really worked, and didn't irritate her sensitive skin, plus it smelled great. "It's the first product I've used that didn't cause some degree of irritation." says Lisa.

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