Dear Valued Customers and Friends

We wanted to update you on what we are doing to safeguard both our customers and employees during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Your health comes first. Foodsmiths has implemented protective measures against the coronavirus. We are providing products for sanitizing carts and disposable gloves in our cart area, as well as frequent wipe downs and sanitizing in all areas of our store, especially our cash area and PIN pads, with a high quality, commercial grade disinfectant.

We are providing tissues in our cash area to cover your mouth and nose if you need to sneeze or cough. There is a waste can to dispose of the tissues after use.

If you have recently returned to Canada you must QUARANTINE (self-isolate) yourself. This is mandatory. You are at risk of developing symptoms and infecting others.

We are observing the 6 ft rule of social distancing. This is one of the best practices to protect your health and well being, and the health of your family and the community at large. Please help us maintain this important rule.



We are wrapping all food bin items, such as muffins, scones and tea biscuits, to help minimize exposure. We are closing our Self Serve Olive Cart temporarily as well.

We have reduced our hours during the week to help limit exposure: Monday to Saturday 8am - 5pm. Sundays we are closed.

If you are a senior or disabled person, we recommend coming to the store between 8am and 9am for the best access. We are NOT experiencing overcrowding and our store remains calm and secure.

Foodsmiths is offering a shopping service for pick-up. Customers can email their list to us at

We ask that you phone us with payment information: 613-267-5409 to keep your information secure.

IMPORTANT: We need your payment information before processing your order.

We are encouraging our customers to keep their lists short (20 items and 3 or less of each item) so we can process the orders as quickly as possible, and every customer has the opportunity to get what they need in a timely manner.

When the order is ready for pick-up we will call you. Once you are in our parking lot, just give us a call that you are there. We ask that you park around the side where the door with the black awning is located, leave your trunk open, we will place the order in your trunk, then you can shut your trunk and there is no contact.

At the moment we are accepting orders with a 24-hour delay pick-up, but if it is sooner our fulfillment manager, Tammy, will let you know.

Please note that our hours have changed: Monday-Saturday 8am - 5pm, and we are closed on Sunday. We cannot accept pick-up orders on the weekend due to staff shortages.

Also, please note that we have suspended Canada Post shipments of products from our store until further notice.

As you probably know, area stores including Foodsmiths have been extremely busy and shelves have been emptied of certain products. Be assured that our supply chain is well established and there are currently no shortages reported. We are replenishing our stock as quickly as possible so we can provide you with a full choice of products.

Our prices will remain the same as always, dependent on our supply chain, but we promise you that we will NEVER take advantage of any situation to artificially inflate prices.

Thank you for your understanding, co-operation, and patience as we navigate through the coming days.
Let’s all do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19. We can do this!

Foodsmiths, Your Local Natural Health Food Store