"By adopting ‘Green Business’ principals, companies are not only helping to protect the environment for the enjoyment of future generations, they are also learning how to effectively manage and reduce their overhead costs..."  Madeline Bouvier, Perth & District, Chamber of Commerce, Foodsmiths Green Business Accreditation, 2009.


A smaller, greener footprint. It's a philosophy Foodsmiths has implemented through a large range of green initiatives. Our proactive approach has helped us reduce energy consumption, support local businesses, contribute more to charity, incorporate greener business practices, and reduce waste. This is how we do it...

Our Supplement Bottle Recycling Program

To encourage the recycling of empty supplement bottles, Foodsmiths offers a 50¢ discount towards the purchase of a bottle of supplements for every empty bottle brought back to our store, and we even honour other store or online empty supplement bottles! Do you have four bottles to return, but only three supplements you need to purchase from Foodsmiths? No problem, we will stamp a special card that you can keep in your wallet or purse to present the next time you buy a supplement at Foodsmiths! All supplement bottles we collect are recycled through our local recycling program.


 Buying Local
  • Foodsmiths uses and sells locally made products and produce in order to support other local businesses, support the local economy, cut down on transportation costs, and provide our customers with the freshest produce and foods possible
  • We cater to local businesses and consumers, specializing in local, seasonal goods for office parties and meetings
  • We produce fresh meals in-house to provide consumers with a healthy, fresh local choice (You should try one of our wraps or sandwiches! We also make homemade, in-house salad recipes, like our famous potato salad!)
 Waste Reduction
  • BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag Donation Program. NEW! Our BYOB has been around for 10 years, and beginning in 2016 we are changing the format of donations. We are initiating a new 5¢ "Charity" charge for every new plastic bag used. The 5¢ will go directly to Foodsmiths Charity of the Month. When customers bring in their own reusable bag, Foodsmiths will donate the 5¢! It's a great way to save plastic bags and support local charities!
  • We continually source packaging with lower environmental impact; and we reuse packaging for mail order customers
  • We contribute imperfect but consumable fruit, vegetables, dairy, and groceries to local food banks, or compost unsold fruits, vegetables and grains
  • We use recycled paper in the office and reuse paper whenever possible. By reducing margins, font sizes and line spacing and using double-sided printing to reduce the amount of paper used, we help save paper and trees
  • We purchase recycled or remanufactured products such as paper, toner and ink cartridges.
  • We properly dispose of hazardous waste

 Energy Conservation
  • Foodsmiths recently installed energy-efficient lighting, and we have been able to reduce our consumption of electricity by over 5% by replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL, and using programmable timers to maximize efficiency
  • We reduce our heating/cooling energy consumption through programmable thermostats, and implementing routine inspection & maintenance of refrigeration, heating, and ventilation equipment
  • We avoid over-lighting areas
  • Our hot water heating is supplemented by solar panels on our roof
  • We routinely turn off equipment, including computers and lights, when not in use
  • NEW!!!! Read about our huge switch to LED lighting!

 Pollution Prevention
  • Foodsmiths offers employees a safe place to lock up bicycles and showering facilities to encourage walking/roller blading/biking to work
  • We have created a policy to ensure that cars and delivery trucks are not left idling and post signs to that effect in our parking area
  • We sell reusable bags

 Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • We sell and provide shade-grown fair trade coffee instead of commercial coffee
  • We offer products that are not tested on animals and that are biodegradable
  • Buy environmentally friendly products
 Water Conservation
  • Repair leaking pipes, hoses, fittings and faucets immediately
  • Install water saving devices and timers on taps, showers and toilets
  • Use “environmentally friendly” landscaping – avoid over-watering, water early in the morning
Foodsmiths Environmental Stewardship Awards

 We are very proud of the awards we have won for our Environmental Stewardship:

  • CHFA Environmental Spotlight Award 2007
  • Art of Being Green Festival “Take the Leap” Award for Environmental Stewardship 2007
  • Green Business League Accreditation 2010
  • CHFA Sustainability Award 2014
  • CHFA Sustainability Award 2015