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Foodsmiths replaces fluorescent lighting with LED

Keeping our footprint green is a high priority for us here at Foodsmiths. One of the last components in our campaign to replace inefficient lighting with new LED technology was the fluorescent bulbs that made up the majority of overall lighting in the store. Due to the advancement and availability of LED bulbs that can directly and easily replace fluorescent tubes, the time was right to switch.
Don Smith, co-owner of Foodsmiths, explains the changeover. "Generally, the fluorescents are 32W bulbs. The LEDs are a mere 12W to 15W, depending on the length of the bulb. The store's energy consumption is projected to be reduced by 30,760 kWh, a tremendous amount that translates to an annual savings of $4,920 per year. Understandably, we're very pleased with the energy and money saved. Including the generous Save On Energy subsidy program offered by Hydro One in Ontario, the payback period is just under 2 years, and that was calculated at electricity rates before the recent increase."
Not only is the quality of lighting superior, but LEDs are easier on our customer's eyes, having none of the flickering issues that can happen with fluorescent.
"The labour to change light bulbs in difficult areas will be significantly reduced, because the bulbs last longer." says Don Smith. "LED is a great technology to take advantage of for many reasons, but it didn't take a lot of convincing for Foodsmiths to see the light."
Smith smiles. "Pun intended."

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