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Going Local

Like having a farmers market all year round!

Going Local is what Foodsmiths is all about!

There are many reasons to buy local... not only do our customers get top quality, fresh tasting food, but they also actively support their neighbours and local farms, providing a much-needed boost to the local economy!

Here at Foodsmiths, we have developed lasting relationships with local food producers over our 38 years in the natural foods business. We are proud to offer a vast array of locally produced foods & products, including dairy, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables, flour, baking, condiments, soaps, body care products, and much more. We invite you to read about our local producers and get to know these innovative growers, farmers, foodcrafters. and small but vital manufacturers who are passionate about, and dedicated to, their products.

Going Local

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Watch for our new Local Label, exclusive to Foodsmiths, and our assurance that the food you purchase is locally produced!

Eat Local, Buy Local. It's all good stuff from around here!



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