Lorraine and Bill Kemp have lived off the electrical grid for the past 25 years, generating electricity and heat directly from renewable resources. 100% of their water use is recycled back to nature, and their garbage waste stream motto is simple; “If we can’t recycle it or reuse it, we don’t use it”. Recently they also began driving a fully electric car that is charged using solar electricity.
Their coffee is organic, free-trade, hand-roasted in small batches, carefully selected from distinctive coffee beans. The beans are roasted using a unique Sivetz Fluid Bed roasting system powered by renewable energy that is generated on site.


On any given day in the summer, you will find Titia Posthuma in her 1 acre market garden, barefoot, working the soil, pulling weeds, watering the huge variety of organic crops she grows, or picking heritage vegetables chosen for flavour.
Ravensfield is a re-generated farm, trusting in nature, re-forestation and the integration of select animals to help enrich the soil. Cultivation is done with hand tools to support microorganisms. Manure from her pigs and chickens helps improve the soil condition and replace essential minerals. Everything is aimed at making the soil as healthy and enriched as possible.
Ravensfield Organic Farm is certified organic and biodynamic by Demeter. You can find Titia's fresh vegetables and greens in our produce department.


Four generations of the Miller family have farmed in Rideau Ferry. Shannon and Robert Miller, the present owners, both have a farming background and decided to purchase the farm from Robert's parents when it was still a dairy operation.
Eventually they diversified from dairy to crops, growing everything from beans and strawberries to corn, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Miller's Bay Farm produce travels only a few kilometres to reach our store, so the food on our shelves has often just left their fields. As Dean, our produce manager, states, "They're only a phone call away. If we sell out of something, the Millers are always willing to drive a fresh supply to our store!"


rND is not your usual bakery. Everything they make is hand-made. Their yeast-free, gluten free, vegan bagels have a distinctively soft, airy texture that comes from Canadian oats. The tagline on their website says it all: "Bread Uncomplicated."
But their approach to creating bread is anything but uncomplicated. Will Spencer, PhD, is the owner of rND Bakery. Will began his educational career in lab technology, did a Masters in Oncology, a PhD in Microbial Physiology and a Postdoctoral in Human Nutrition. He has worked with CHEO and the Neonatal unit at the Ottawa General Hospital, looking at nutritional foundations for children, and the development of food allergies later in life. But it was his work in a bakery that influenced his decision to start making scientifically nutritious bagels and breads. Find rND Bakery products in the gluten-free section of our bakery.


Kricklewood Farm, where sunshine grows in the fields, and the animals all have names! From the big black friendly dog that greets you in the driveway to the Nubian goats playing in the barn yard, it's a world of happy critters and blooming sunflowers.
Dale and Brad partnered up first to make goat milk soap, and were keen to find the perfect old stone house with 25 acres on which to raise their herd of goats. They found the beautiful house, but it came with 90 acres and a question: what to do with all that extra land?
"We decided to grow sunflowers," says Brad. "No one was doing high quality, cold-pressed, organic sunflower oil. We planted our first field of sunflowers, and the business took off."
Kricklewood Farm Sunflower oil and dippers can be found in our grocery aisle!


Old fashioned quality and home-baked goodness, that's Corner Bakery. The DesRoche family are proud of their start-up bakery located in Gray's Grocery, Sharbot Lake. Squares, tarts, cookies, ready-to-go meals and sweet or savoury pies are on the menu. Choose from fresh or frozen. Superb quality, locally made foods at a great price. Find them in our deli area.