Foodsmiths Original Recipe by Lisa

Lisa is a trained esthetician. She also has food allergies, and extremely sensitive skin. When she recently removed some Halloween makeup, her skin was dry and reactive. To fix it quickly, Lisa used an old standby recipe she has perfected over the years that includes a Himalayan Salt toner and EVOO moisturizing. "My skin is so soft afterwards. It even gets rid of red spots caused by dermatitis."

Himalayan Salt Toner:

1 part Himalayan salt (finely ground table variety, it will dissolve better)

8 parts warm purified water (mineral, distilled, reverse osmosis, or spring)

Pour into a clean glass bottle. The salt will gather at the bottom. Shake well until salt is dissolved and water is pink.

Wash face with a natural soap like our Soapworks Hemp Soap. Pat dry. Using a clean, warm, wet face cloth drape over face for a few seconds to open pores. Pour a little Himalayan Salt Toner on cloth and rub gently over face for a minute or two. The minerals in the Himalayan salt are great for the skin. Wash off and pat dry. Take a few drops to 1 tsp. of extra-virgin olive oil (Lisa uses Jesse Tree) and massage into face. Gently steam with a hot face cloth draped over face until oil is absorbed. It may take a few minutes. Remove any excess oil by dabbing gently with cloth. Pat dry. Your skin will be super soft and hydrated!