Shopping Service for Pick Up

Foodsmiths is offering a shopping service for pick-up. Customers can email their list to us at

  • Please note we are open for customer shopping Monday to Saturday 8 am - 6 pm. Sunday 9 am - 5 pm.
  • We ask that you phone us with payment information: 613-267-5409 to keep your information secure.

  • IMPORTANT: We need your payment information as soon as you place your order. Please call the store with payment information so we can process your order. If payment is given after 3 pm, your order will be moved to the next 24 hour delay pick up.

  • No order will be filled without prior payment.
  • Please keep your list as generic as possible.

  • Minimum orders of $35.00
  • Orders placed after 3 pm will be moved to the next 24 hour delay pick up.
  • If you are requesting organic produce or products, please indicate on your list if you will instead accept conventional produce or products if organic is not available. Otherwise, we will NOT substitute conventional for organic.

  • Once your order is in the queue, we cannot accept add-ons.

  • We reserve the right to limit quantities.

  • After your order has been completed we will call you. Please do not arrive for pick-up unless you have been called.

  • Pick up days are Tuesday to Friday weekly.
  • We are reserving 8:30am - 11:00am for pick-up in our parking lot. If not picked up by then it will be moved to the next day for pick up, same times.
  • Once you are in our parking lot, just give us a call and let us know you are there.

  • We ask that you park around the side where we have extra customer parking. Leave your trunk open, and remain in your car. We will place the order in your trunk, then you can shut your trunk and there is no contact.

  • At the moment we are accepting orders with a 24 hour delay pick-up.

  • Please note that our hours have changed: Monday-Saturday 8am - 6pm, and we are closed on Sunday. We cannot accept pick-up orders on the weekend due to staff shortages.

  • Please note that we have suspended Canada Post shipments of products from our store until further notice.

Suggested Shopping List for Foodsmiths


 Vegetables, Fruit, Produce

Bulk Detergent, Dishsoap, Oils, Vinegar, Local Honey

Scoop your own peanut/almond butter

Bakery, Breads

Bulk, Pantry, Spices, 10kg bags Flour

Deli, Sliced Meats, Cheese


Fresh Meat

Frozen Meat, Seafood

Frozen Vegetarian, Ready to Bake, Veggies, Fruit

Natural Body Care, Supplements

Grocery, Canned Foods, Soups, Mixes, Specialty Items