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Incredisock Blue Ski Sock

Incrediwear Avalanche Blue Ski-Snowboard Socks

By Incrediwear


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Incrediwear Ski Socks



  • Thermo-Regulating Ski Socks
  • Created with the skier in mind
  • Wearer friendly, great fitting and super soft
  • With Carbonized Charcoal
  • Increased blood flow
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Odour Eliminating
  • Improved comfort


    Thermo-Regulating Technology

    Incredisocks increase circulation through negative ion technology. As your body warms the ski sock, it releases therapeutic anions resulting in increased circulation. The increased blood circulation and increased oxygen supply to your limbs can help reduce pain, cramps, swelling and fatigue.

    Incredisocks balance of natural and man made fibres utilizing a patented Italian 3D weaving machine that makes an anti-microbial and odour absorbing sock with an exceptional fit.


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