Now Super Enzymes 90c


Brand Now


90 caps

  • A comprehensive blend of enzymes that support healthy digestive functions
  • Bromelain, Ox Bile, Pancreatin and Papain have been formulated to optimize the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and protein for maximum assimilation
  • Natural Product Number (NPN): 80038014




Each capsule contains:
Betaine HCI 200 mg
Ox Bile Extract (45% Cholic Acid) 100 mg
Bromelain (2,400 GDU/g) (from Pineapple) 50 mg
Papain (2M FCCPU/mg) Powder (from Papaya) 50 mg
Pepsin (NF 1:10M units) Powder 50 mg
Papaya Fruit Powder 45 mg
Pineapple Juice Powder 45 mg
Cellulase (1M CU/g) Powder 10 mg
Pancreatin 4X 200 mg
Amylase 20,000 USP
Protease 20,000 USP units
Lipase 3,400 USP units

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source) and Silica. Contains sulfites. May contain lactose (milk) as a processing aid.

Dosage: Adults: Take 1 capsule with each meal or as recommended by a health care professional.