PrimeZyme Digestive Enzyme 180c


180 Capsules

Enzymes are known as the “sparks of life” as they play a catalytic role in all of our body’s biochemical activities. Enzymes help us to digest our food, stimulate the brain, and provide energy at the cellular level. We can not live without enzymes.

While we do get enzymes from the foods we eat, many of us do not get sufficient quantities, resulting in indigestion and poor nutrient absorption. PrimeZyme is an excellent basic full spectrum digestive enzyme complex that can help us break down protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber and milk sugar more effectively. Betaine HCL has been added to assist the digestive environment, especially in seniors who tend to be low in stomach acid. PrimeZyme should be taken before meals with water.

All of the enzymes in PrimeZyme are either plant or bacterial based, not animal based.


Medicinal Ingredients: Protease, Bromelain, Lipase, Amylase, Amyloglucosidase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Lactase, Betaine Hydrochloride.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Capsule Shell (Gelatin and Purified Water).

Dosage: Take 1 capsule with water before meal or as directed by a health care professional.