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  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Helps relieve symptoms associated with sinusitis, sinuspressure and nasal congestion.
  • Effective relief
  • Colds and Laryngitis

More Information

CALCAREA CARBONICA: Calcium carbonate is suitable for people who are sensitive to the cold and damp air. Relieves obstruction of the nose by fetid yellowish pus, frequent sneezing, common cold symptoms, fullness and heaviness of the head and cough.

CALCAREA FLUORICA: Copious, offensive, nasal catarrh.

MANGANUM SULFURICUM:Magnesium sulfate helps prevent auricular complications.

BELLADONNA: Deadly nightshade is devoted to the invasion stage of sinusitis. Relieves fullness, heaviness and violent pressure on the head, chiefly on the forehead, above the eyes and nose, or on one side of the head.

SABADILLA: Cevadilla helps control sneezing attacks.

HEPAR SULFURIS CALCAREUM: This preparation of flowers of sulfur and the middle layer of the oyster shell acts on a deeper level on inflammation and infections.

HYDRASTIS: Goldenseal helps prevent digestive complications.

KALIUM SULFURICUM: Potassium sulfate is used during the acme or climax of the sinusitis infection.

SILICEA: Silica is indicated for sensitivity to cold, suppuration and sinusitis.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS: Tree of life relieves colds with green mucus secretions.

KALIUM BICHROMICUM: Potassium bichromate is useful during the acme or climax of the sinusitis.

MERCURIUS SULPHURATUS RUBER: Violent fluent coryza, with secretion of burning serum.

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