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Tribulus Stack

Tribulus Stack

By Precision


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90 caps

  • Hi-Potency Tribulus Formula with complementary support nutrients
  • Increases total free testosterone
  • Suppresses estrogen production and prevents aromatization
  • Reduces DHT production to prevent acne, hair loss and other low testosterone side effects
  • Improves strength and stamina
  • Stacked with D-Aspartic Acid for improved results
  • Natural Product Number (NPN)



Tribulus, Nettle Leaf and Fenugreek Extract - unique combination of proven ingredients will naturally stimulate your body’s testosterone production.

Red Ginseng to assist recovery from exercise, increase energy levels and improves mood.

Avena Sativa to increase bio-availabilty of existing testosterone in your body.

Chrysin suppresses estrogen production and prevents testosterone converting to estrogen.

Attention Athletes: Made in a Health Canada Licensed facility that is completely free of banned substances, eliminating any concern of cross-contamination.



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