11 Great Protein Sources for Vegetarians

The human body needs protein... the average man needs 56 grams, and the average woman needs 46 grams every day. Add in physical activity and that protein requirement goes up dramatically.

Protein replenishes the building blocks of our body to maintain muscles, tendons, organs and skin, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and lots of other cellular structures and functions.

In fact, protein is essential for our health, and getting enough is key to maintaining good health.

For vegetarians, especially beginners, it can be a challenge to supply enough protein in the diet to meet daily needs. Here at Foodsmiths, we often get asked for advice on protein and supplementing a vegetarian diet. With a little knowledge and an appetite for delicious food, it isn't hard to get all the protein you need!

Add up some of these vegetarian friendly choices to hit your protein quota and garner some extra nutritional gold stars to boot!


1. Quinoa:

8 grams protein per cup and delicious in so many recipes! Find it in our grocery or bulk aisle.


2. Edamame:

16 grams per cup. The fresh version of soya beans. Find MacKellar all Canadian grown shelled edamame in our freezer.


3. Chia Seeds:

9 grams in 2 tablespoons. Chia is a versatile little seed that makes a great thickener for puddings, gravies, sauces and more. Find it in our grocery or bulk aisle.


4. Eggs:

7 grams per egg Cage free is always better, both in terms of the welfare of the laying hens and the nutritional value of the eggs. Choose free run or free range.


5. Plain Greek Yogurt:

A whopping 29 grams per cup, plus its low in calories! Find Liberte Greek yogurt in our dairy aisle and try it with berries, bananas, honey, granola etc. or treat it like sour cream, and stack it on nachos, baked potatoes, soups, etc.


6. Peanut Butter:

Humble peanut butter packs even more protein then yogurt, 32 grams per 1/2 cup, but it's also higher in calories Help yourself to our bulk peanut butter or try Nuts to You regular or organic!


7. Hemp hearts:

11 grams per 1/3 cup. Easy to add to anything, and a nutritional superstar! Find them in our grocery or bulk aisle.


8. Whey protein:

24 grams per scoop on average. A fast, simple way to get protein, and an enjoyable addition to smoothies, brownies, cookies, and more. Find a great selection of protein powders in our Natural Body Care. Just ask our staff for help in choosing the right one for you.


9. Lentils:

13 grams per 1/4 cup. It's perfect lentil soup weather, so choose from our assortment of red, french or green in our bulk bins


10: Buckwheat:

13 grams per 1/2 cup. The nutritional value of buckwheat protein is very high which makes it a valuable source. Find buckwheat in our bulk aisle.

11: Avocado:

3 grams per 1 Hass avocado. A favourite among vegetarians, avocados are not the richest source of protein, but they are nonetheless a fixture in vegetarian diets. Easy to add to everything from salads to smoothies to baking. Find them in our produce.


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