Advice from Deb Garbutt, Foodsmiths Supplements and Body Care Department Manager
Winter is finally, slowly letting go, however when the snow goes the allergies begin. Seasonal Allergies are not just caused by pollen, grasses & weeds. Snow Mold is a particularly troubling allergy. Customers have relayed to us stories full of persistent coughs, throats that tickle and, eventually, throats that become extremely sore from all the irritation. So what solutions do we have to offer?
The first natural "go to" is Quercetin. Quercetin controls allergy symptoms by reducing the release of histamines, hence antihistamine. The added bonus of Quercetin is it's enhancement of collagen production for healthy skin & connective tissue.
Another approach to soothing allergies is with the family of Phytonutrients such as those in Immuno-Care. These work to inhibit the inflammatory actions of cytokine IL6 and the histamine stimulating Basophil and Mast cells. These cells cause the body’s overreaction to a harmless substance.
Customers who are on a regime of pharmaceuticals can get relief using homeopathic remedies These have no contraindications or interactions with prescription medication. Homeopathics are also extremely safe for children. Homeopathics work on the "Law of Similars". This principle states that the reaction a substance is capable of causing in a healthy person can also cure by stimulating the body to recognize and react against the same reaction in an illness. For example one of the ingredients in Herbasante Allergex is Allium Cepa 10x, which starts out as red onions. Red onions, watering eyes! In it's homeopathic form it relieves tearing and nasal irritation.
For more advice on your particular allergy, visit our supplement department. We are always happy to help you!


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