A "Lab-our" of Love

Johana Lintaman and Katie the black lab visit our store regularly! Katie is a CNIB ambassador dog. She has the important job of going out in the community and teaching people how CNIB Guide Dogs transform the lives of Canadians with sight loss. Guide dogs require intensive training! Our October BYOB is helping to raise funds for CNIB Guide Dogs - Canine Campus in Carleton Place. The Canine Campus – a 158-acre rural property in Carleton Place – is the national training facility for CNIB Guide Dogs and home to future guide dogs during their advanced training! Since launching in 2017, CNIB Guide Dogs has 58 active Guide Dog graduates, 21 active Buddy Dog graduates and 7 active Ambassador Dog graduates. Currently they have 49 puppies being raised at different locations in Canada (they have a puppy scheme in Halifax NS, Toronto ON, Winnipeg MB, Regina SK, and Calgary AB), 20 dogs in training in the Guide Dog program and 2 dogs in training in the Buddy Dog program.


Hello! My name is Ambassador dog, Katie. I am a 3-year old black lab and have been described as 'exuberant.' Hard to believe that, as you see I know how to quietly sit until my human says we can go.

We start our days early in the morning with a walk where I get to sniff everything that has happened overnight in my neighbourhood and, better yet, my partner will allow me to run through the hay fields until I realize I have not had breakfast and we head home for a delicious meal of dog kibble and pumpkin puree. I devour it!

As for many of you, Covid has changed my life too. We used to have a very busy schedule. Things have slowed down but we hope that we all can get back to regular activities soon.

On a typical day we may visit a coffee shop where I have to patiently wait for Johana to speak in tongues (Spanish) until she finishes the class.

When not in class I go with her to Tai chi in the park. This is one of my favourite activities. I get to spend a couple of hours laying in the sun and being pampered by many of the friends I have been socializing with since I was a pup.

Me as a pup!

On a regular basis we visit the grocery store, the pharmacy, the printers and different doctors. Unlike guide dogs who have the legal right to access any public space with their handler, as an Ambassador dog my human partner Johana must ask permission for me to enter. I also like to go on those trips since I have good friends in all those places who have come to expect me to come by for a visit.

-- Katie the Ambassador Dog, as told to Johana Lintaman


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