A lake with no name

by Shayna Wark

Sometimes the best lakes are the ones no one knows about. The lake with no name, where cottages are sparse, and electricity is even sparser. A place you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of the world and just relax for a little while.

I have a place like that. There’s maybe 3 cottages dotted around it (2 of them belonging to family), and the rest is just trees, water, and rocks. The modern world has barely touched it – there’s no electricity (which also means no plumbing), and the cottage is really just a building with beds and storage in it. We cook on a barbecue, eat on picnic tables, and roast marshmallows over the fire in the evenings. During the day, you find a spot, take your choice of seat (mine is always a hammock!) and curl up with a book. And, of course, there’s always swimming! What better use for all that water other then swimming? Well, that and canoeing, which is a favourite of mine. Or bring your hiking shoes and pick one of the many animal trails dotted around – I love exploring the forests this way!

Me and my family have always had our annual “Week at the Lake”, where the 10 of us pack our cars full of necessities (and books!) and spend a full 7 days curled up at the cottage. It’s the most relaxing, worry-free and perfect way to spend the summer. We also always have the evenings and weekends throughout the summer. I’m so glad it’s just a short drive away!

The world is a busy place. Sometimes we just need to take a little time out, unwind, and enjoy nature like it’s meant to be enjoyed – at the lake.

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