Fat Free…Low Fat…Half Fat…


Me with one of my inspirations: Keto Genesis by Alicia Tobin, R.H.N and Chris Gursche.

The ONLY fat I want to get rid of is mine!

Let’s face it, most of us have a few pounds we could easily shed…if it was easy to shed them!

And as a hard-nosed diet queen, yes I’ve tried them all.

It’s time to find one that really works for me.

I have learned so much about food and how we convert and use it for health and nutrition. And instead of just trying the next “new” thing it’s time to put some of that knowledge to work.

The basics are just that: BASIC.

The healthy fats I eat are converted to Ketones which are used as an energy source by my body and my brain…when in use.

The proteins I eat are converted into amino acids to build more protein structures in my body…and can be converted into very small amounts of glucose for energy as well.

Carbohydrates are always converted into glucose….now don’t get me wrong, glucose is a great, quick, easy energy source…if I was running a marathon! HELLOOOO that’s not me. I try and avoid exercise as much as I can, unless it’s in my garden.

So what happens to all that extra glucose that I’m not using sweating it out in the gym you ask?

It’s being sent off to my liver and then my middle, hips, rear and everywhere else I don’t want it sticking around until I sweat it off later.

That would be fine, but as I mentioned earlier, I won’t be running any marathons soon.  So I am going to try very diligently to avoid all those glucose making carbohydrates.

And if it’s ok with you?  I’d love some company on my journey.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress, recipe ideas and even my struggles.

You can already find my first foray into fat bombs on the Foodsmiths website.

These were a great hit with staff when I brought some in to sample. I immediately started getting requests for more! My personal favourite is the Peanut Butter cup. 2 of those with my morning coffee has been a great way to start my morning with lots of energy to spare and no stored calories around my spare tire.

Wish me luck on the journey and see you soon. Mhari


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