Grow your Own!

It's spring, and the taste of summer is in the air, as well as in our produce department! Time for a lively spring salad. Unfortunately, this big beautiful Up North country we call Canada is at the whim of the weather in California (our main source of produce) and this year has been especially affected by heavy rains. Farmers have not been able to harvest enough lettuce from their soggy fields to fill the huge North American demand, and so prices have gone up. Will they come down? "Yes, eventually," says our Produce Manager, Murray Gilmour. "They will come down slowly, week to week, until they reach a more normal range."

Enter our deliciously local Mesclun Mix from Sylvia's Plant Place. A choice mix of lettuce greens, they're ready for popping into a large pot, or in your garden when the time is right. Try growing your own salad this year. Cut the leaves off at base to harvest, and they'll grow back in 2-3 weeks all summer. And watch for more garden edibles from Sylvia's Plant Place as the season progresses. Backyard food straight to your table!

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