Let the sunlight in for a healthy house!

Sunshine can keep you healthy. Everyone knows the sun triggers the body to produce vitamin D, a crucial ingredient for overall health. Vitamin D helps fight inflammation, lowers blood pressure, supports the absorption of calcium for your bones, helps muscles, improves brain function, boosts immunity and provides a sense of well-being.

But did you know that sunshine can make your house healthier? Researchers at the University of Oregon completed a 90 day study of indoor rooms exposed to daylight, ultraviolet light, and darkness (curtains kept shut).

Their findings were surprising. When the dust was sampled and analyzed they found the rooms exposed to daylight had fewer germs. In fact, the study found that the sunlit rooms had about half the viable bacteria (those that are able to grow) compared with dark rooms. Rooms exposed to ultraviolet light had just slightly less viable bacteria than the rooms kept in daylight. The researchers also found that the bacteria known to cause respiratory illness did not survive in the sunlit rooms.

So open your shades, blinds and curtains and let the sunshine in to make your house a healthier place!  And remember: the UVB portion of the light spectrum that triggers the production of vitamin D is effectively blocked by glass, so supplementing in the shorter days of winter is still a good way to avoid becoming deficient in D.
Reference -- www.npr.org

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