Love Local: Loon Kombucha

The feeling at the lake is blissful and revitalizing... the fresh air that smells of pine, the loons singing at dusk. Simply being here makes us feel better. Why is that?

Loon Kombucha is uniquely pure. Founded in Canadian cottage country, their kombucha is cold brewed in alkaline water for a pure and refreshing taste - while teeming with beneficial gut bacteria. Need a moment of calm? Loon revives and refreshes like an escape to the cottage.

In April 2016, Gabe Johnston founded Loon Kombucha in the cottage built by his grandfather in the 1960s, located on Otty Lake just south of Perth, Ontario. Knowing that almost all commercial kombucha has a harsh taste caused by hot-brewing de-mineralized city water, Gabe wanted this kombucha brewing company to be different, producing a pure and refreshing kombucha using high quality water and an innovative cold-brewing technique. Inspired by the purity of the loons on the lake, who would sing as he brewed those first batches, he decided to name the kombucha brewing company after them: Loon Kombucha.

With a desire to run an environmentally-friendly business, Loon was first sold exclusively in refillable bottles at local farmers’ markets in the Ottawa-Kingston area. The brand quickly developed a cult following.

With their kombucha brewing company growing and sales surging, Loon Kombucha broadened its reach and opened up refill stations. You will find bottled Loon Kombucha in our kombucha section, as well as a refill station to enjoy this unique, local, Canadian brew.

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