Pure Anada

We are so happy to carry this line of cosmetics at Foodsmiths!

About Pure Anada
After working in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, Candice (the founder) developed sensitivities to chemicals and products. She started exploring the cosmetic industry and was amazed to find many ingredients were not being tested for their long-term damage to us.

Candice began making products in her kitchen for herself, family and friends and saw the demand for natural cosmetics. Now she has a flourishing line of natural cosmetics that are clean, free from allergens and are not tested on animals!

They have truly Canadian branding, starting with the name Pure Anada, that is a derivative, of our country’s name – Canada.
Their packaging features floral graphics that are vintage botanical drawings from the 1800’s, it shows their gratitude for nature and beauty.
Product names are also Canada inspired, such as, Marine Minerals, Harvest Moon, Maud, Prairie Rose, Soft Wheat and Sunkissed Canadian.

The brand continues to grow with new products and beautiful new colours!

We are loving all things Canadian about this company and thrilled this company promotes healthy products AND a healthy lifestyle!


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