Recipe: Beach Waves Hair

Foodsmiths Recipe by Mhari


Ok, this one’s for the ladies! There is nothing better in the summer than great beach waves. You know, that beautiful, natural, wavy hair that screams casual fun and relaxation!
And at the moment they are all over your favourite fashion mags. But there is no ocean to impart that salt licked look around here, can buy a bottle of Bumble and Bumble Surfs Up Spray for $35.00...
OR You can mix up your own bottle of beach waves.
Let me tell you it couldn’t be easier…

You will need...

  • 1 cup hot water
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 2 tsps of Epsom salt
  • and ¼ tsp coconut oil or argan oil

That's it...

Mix it up and pour it in a spray bottle.
You just spray it into dry or damp hair, start with your roots for extra lift and just keep spraying and scrunching. Let it air dry….and VIOLA!
You are now a glamorous beach babe!
Aluminum spray bottle $3.29 (available in our health and beauty department)
Sea salt just a few cents (available in our well stocked bulk dept)
Epsom salts again just a few cents (also in bulk)
Coconut oil (available in our grocery dept)
Easy Summer hair style ….PRICELESS!!!!