Arugula Pesto

This fantastic pesto combines a lot of flavour profiles: peppery, slightly bitter arugula, tangy garlic, zesty lemon and warm, buttery parmesan. You'll taste all of them in every mouthful!

You will need...

    1 ½ cups walnuts
    4 cups firmly packed Sweet Meadow Farms Organic Arugula
    3 cloves Ontario Garlic smashed and peeled
    Juice from 2 lemons
    Zest from 1 lemon
    2/3 cup Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil
    100g freshly grated Black River Parmesan
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Put it together...

    Place first 5 ingredients into the bowl of your food processor. Put the lid on the processor with the liquid spout removed. Turn the food processor on and slowly drizzle the oil into the mixture. After all the oil is poured in stop the processor and scrape the sides of the bowl. Put lid back on and buzz the pesto until it is the desired texture. Pour the pesto into a bowl then stir in the grated parmesan cheese. Chill if using for a spread or toss  straight onto some cooked pasta and top with a little more parmesan.

    Recipe by Sweet Meadow Farm