About Local: Crooked Hills Honey


Crooked Hills Farm is located just north of Sharbot Lake. Mark Saunders, his wife Jennifer, and their three children have lived on the farm since 1990, and have kept bees since 1998. Their approximately 120 hives are spread out over four locations near Sharbot Lake and Maberly.

"We intentionally locate our apiaries in areas where the bees have natural and healthy nectar sources." says Mark. "Our bees forage on sweet clover which we grow on the farm, and wild nectar sources like milkweed, basswood, and goldenrod, which occur in abundance near the apiaries."

Mark and Jennifer are especially proud of their creamed honey, which they have been producing for the past two years.

"We produce all our own honey," points out Mark "And we maintain the highest standards of production to keep it pure and natural. Our honey is raw and unpasteurized to keep the floral flavours intact and maintain the honey's health benefits."

For Mark, it's a labour of love. "I like to read the latest research on honeybees, and I enjoy the science side of the business."

You'll find Crooked Hills Honey in our natural sweeteners aisle.

Some of the colourful hives kept by Crooked Hills Farm.