Burt Bees Beauty Eyeshadow Trio

by Lindsay Bouchard

Burt’s Bees Beauty “I am not synthetic” has launched a full line of cosmetics made with natural ingredients.

I was really excited when I heard Foodsmiths was going to be carrying Burt’s bees cosmetics. Not only do I get to sell a product that I believe in very much but I also get to try the product!

Which is exactly what I did, I was very eager to try their new eyeshadow. I have dark brown eyes so finding eyeshadow that suits me can be challenging at times. I chose the Countryside Lavender trio, the shades of purple are absolutely gorgeous!

When I applied the eyeshadow, the first thing I noticed was how smooth it went on my eyelid. It felt very light and natural. I was a little concerned the darker shade of purple would make my eyes look harsh, instead I found the shade very subtle and soft. By the end of the day my eyeshadow looked the exact same as it did when I applied it that morning. There wasn’t any creases or smudging at all! My first experience using Burt’s bees eyeshadow was beyond satisfactory and I can’t wait to give the rest of their cosmetics a try!

Here's a little tip for your own make-up artistry: always use a brush to apply eyeshadow, not your fingertip! Using your finger to apply shadow introduces body oils and bacteria into your makeup, causing it to lose effectiveness and shortening the life of the product.

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