Confused about CBD: What's legal in Canada?

Since the Cannabis Act came into force on October 17, 2018, cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD-containing products (including cannabis or hemp oil containing CBD) became subject to all of the rules and requirements applicable to Cannabis under the Cannabis Act and Regulations.

Under the Cannabis Regulations:

  • It is only legal to manufacture CBD-containing products if you have a processing licence under the Cannabis Regulations, regardless of the source of CBD; and
  • It is only legal to sell CBD-containing products if you are a provincially or territorially-authorized cannabis retailer.

Meaning, it is illegal to produce, distribute or sell cannabis-containing products, including CBD products, unless you have a processing licence under the Cannabis Regulations, are an authorized cannabis retailer, or a federally licenced seller of cannabis for medical purposes. Provincial police are now cracking down on the illegal production and sale of cannabis products – this includes retail stores selling CBD-containing health products.

-- Canadian Health Food Association

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