Local Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee

The Fluid Gang

Bill Kemp and his wife, Lorraine, have lived off the electrical grid for 28 years, generating all of their electricity and thermal energy from the wind and sun. Their house was modeled on the Innova-House concept, an early. low-energy, environmentally friendly design featuring sustainable building materials and practices.

Bill and Lorraine have adapted this technology to eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels in the operation of their house, thus creating a zero-carbon footprint.

In 2015, the Kemps became “new age crofters”, bringing their business to their property where they run Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee Inc.

They installed a 10 kW solar-electric array that they use to power their coffee roaster, grinder, ventilation and packaging equipment and electric delivery vehicle. They utilize a unique Sivetz Fluid Bed coffee roaster that is powered by solar electricity, thus eliminating fossil fuel and resulting carbon emissions in the roasting process.

Their retail and bulk packaging is fully biodegradable (compostable). They use no water in their production process and generate virtually no waste.

Their coffee is organic, free-trade, hand-roasted in small batches, carefully selected from distinctive coffee beans. Single origin or blends are roasted to perfection to bring out the tasting notes that make their coffee so flavourful and unique. If you love coffee, you will love Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee.

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