Love Local: Patchwork Gardens

-- Battersea, Ontario

Patchwork Gardens is a certified organic vegetable farm with a serious commitment to healthy soil and crops. The farm rotates it's 25 acres for best soil management: 50% of the land in production, and 50% of it at rest.

When the soil is healthy and full of life your food is healthy - great tasting - and full of life!

Patchwork is a collaboration between two families, Eric Williams and his family and Megan Joslin, Ian Stutt and their family, as well as their working crew.

They grow sustainably, focusing on nutrient dense, flavourful vegetables, like their wonderful lettuce mixes, tomatoes, and especially root vegetables, which they say, "are great for squirreling away in the winter months."

We are proud to feature Patchwork Gardens in our produce department, and our customers love their products as much as we do!

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