Love Local: Seed to Sausage

Driven by his passion and love for cured meats, Mike McKenzie began selling his products through his company, Seed to Sausage. After traveling the world for the Canadian military, Mike acquired a taste for quality artisanal meats. 

Upon returning to Canada Mike saw a demand in the market for deliciously healthy salami and sausages.  He began studying and working alongside chefs and sausage makers throughout Europe before opening his business in 2011.


Today, Seed to Sausage is a thriving small business with a range of products from cured meats to steaks, including our exclusive signature burger, the Foodsmiths Philly Cheesesteak Cottage Burger! You'll also find S2S fabulous sausages in our meat department, as well as bacon, steaks and ground beef, and pre-cooked smokies and salami in our deli.