Make sure your extra virgin olive oil is a true olive oil


We find more and more customers are interested in our Olive Oil selection, and the sourcing of the oil and olives. Here at Foodsmiths we are diligent about bringing in only the best Olive Oils we can find and offer to our customers.

Olive Oils

One of these is Ilias and Sons Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in original and black garlic. Imported from Vasiliki, Greece and bottled in Ottawa, this high quality, raw, artisan Greek olive oil is certified by Bio Hellas and the European Commission of Organic and Non-GMO Foods. Ilias himself helped deliver the oil to our store here in Perth.

Ilias and Sons Organic EVOO is created from a mixture of two olives: Athinolia which is handpicked from trees over a thousand years old and the Koroneiki olive, one of the most popular olives in the world. Ilias and Sons own olive groves that have been in their family for over 5 generations, and their trees are some of the oldest in the region, ranging from 15 to over 300 years old. Ilias and Sons pick and harvest earlier, which produces superior flavours and increases the health benefits with supplementary polyphenols.

The blend of the Athinolia and Koroneiki is what distinguishes the oil's flavour. Cold pressed, the oil is full bodied, with low acidity which contributes to a deep, bright green colour and fruity, bittersweet taste.

We find many people, upon tasting true Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are surprised by the green olive flavour and complex tasting notes undiluted by cheaper, added oils. Canadian foodies have spoken, and approved Ilias and Sons Organic EVOO as one of the best tastes in Canadian food and drink, based on votes from the FoodiePages community of 16,000+ food lovers.
Ilias and Sons Organic EVOO is truly exceptional and one of a kind. Rich in polyphenols, EVOO is a major component of the Mediterranean diet, where populations of Mediterranean people have longer life expectancy with lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.


Ilias in his olive grove examines the growing olives that will be picked and cold-pressed to become their Organic EVOO

Make sure your extra virgin olive oil is a true olive oil. For more information and guidance, ask our grocery manager, Tammy, about Foodsmiths' selection of oils. Foodsmiths also sells Organic EVOO in bulk. This award winning oil is one of our most popular bulk items. A delicious, green, grassy flavour that will have you drizzling our bulk oil on everything!Save

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