Fall Fun at Scotch Line Farm

Scotch Line Farm is a local farm that Jim and Brenda Ferrier farm. Jim is a 7th generation farmer of his family. They've raised purebred Red Angus Cattle since 1979. Jim is also a veterinarian who had a practice in Perth back in the day and has recently retired after 14 years working for the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). He definitely knows what it takes to produce quality food. You can find their farm on Scotch Line Road just outside of Perth, Ontario.

With over 100 acres of farm land Jim and Brenda grow and harvest in season red potatoes, field tomatoes, all different kinds of squash, gourds, and pumpkins. Just across the street on a 200 acre farm, they raise purebred Red Angus Cattle. They also sell ground beef, sausages and beef patties. You can find many of their harvested produce and sausages in Foodsmiths during each harvest season. 

During the summer season they grow sunflowers, which has become a popular tourist destination for families to walk through the sunflower fields taking pictures. Some professional photographers book photo sessions with them for their clients photo shoots as well.

In the fall you can visit the farm and they have many family fun activities while you visit, such as wagon rides on Saturdays and a corn maze to walk through. You can take fun pictures with their hand painted photo stands and/or their HUGE fall sign located around the farm. 

Brenda sells hand made items such as pillows, wooden pumpkins, fabric pumpkins and little pumpkin knitted hats.
Jim and Brenda are proud to support their community and value the relationship that they have with us here at Foodsmiths. Their core values are to offer Local, Quality produce to local business and maintain a family run farm, even their grandchildren help farm by carrying pumpkins.
Jim and Brenda's daughter in law also farms. She is the owner and grower of Lau Tea da Lentils just outside of Elora, Ontario. You may recognize the product, Foodsmiths also carries the Lau Tea da Lentils. 

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