What Inspires You? Natural Beauty!

From shampoo to cosmetics, we choose our Beauty Products based on their ingredient list.

60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, so we use a simple caveat: If we wouldn't put it on our own body, we don't sell it.

In fact, we always try out our own Beauty Products. It's important to know how it works so we can pass our personal experience on to you.

And we have plenty of experience, everything from super-sensitive skin types to older skin, baby skin, and problem skin. Ask one of our Natural Beauty consultants to help you find a product that is right for you. You can trust that our Beauty Products are the cutting edge of natural with the cleanest ingredients on the market.


  • Frances Arthurs

    Thank you, Ute, for leaving such a great comment! It means so much to us to have satisfied and happy customers like you.

  • Ute schall von oppeln

    Shopping at Foodsmiths has been rewarding already for at least 40 years !
    I love all the choices and freshness and the bulk bins and most of all the helpful advice.
    Canadian produce is the best and from local sources too !
    Continue and congratulations on a job well done all these years with Claire and Don starting it……

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