Foodsmiths Position on GMOs

Foodsmiths unequivocally supports the full disclosure of product ingredients to consumers, including their right to know whether food products contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We believe the cultivation of GMOs and their presence in our food supply pose a significant potential threat to human and animal health and to the environment. The development of GMOs is fundamentally contrary to our vision of a sustainable future.

Foodsmiths strongly supports efforts that provide consumers with complete information about the food they eat. We encourage initiatives which make consumers more aware of GMOs such as the Non-GMO Project of which Foodsmiths is a supporter and participating retailer member. This third party certification body provides manufacturers with a certified “Non-GMO” logo, backed by independent testing, to ensure there is no GMO contamination throughout all stages from growing and processing to storage and packaging. The Non-GMO Project has currently verified over 3000 products.

Foodsmiths believes the full disclosure of products containing GMOs allows consumers to make an educated decision regarding the food they choose to purchase and provide to their families. Up until the inception of the GMO Project, the lack of testing and labelling has made it difficult for anyone, including Foodsmiths, to clearly identify products which may or may not contain GMOs. We are continuously working to ensure these products are clearly identified in our store and that we give preference to non-GMO sourced products when there is a choice. By these actions we expect that there will be not only better, more consistent and clearer labelling, but that more GMO-free products will become more readily available in the marketplace.

To find out more about the NonGMO project, check out their website at