The Farm that Titia Built

The Farm that Titia Built

On any given day in the summer, you will find Titia Posthuma in her 1 acre market garden, barefoot, working the soil, pulling weeds, watering the huge variety of organic crops she grows, or picking heritage vegetables chosen for flavour.

Celebrating Organic!

This year, Canada's National Organic Week runs from September 19-27. The largest annual celebration of organic food, farming, and products across the country, Organic Week showcases the benefits of organic agriculture and its positive impact on the environment.
Food has become a cultural driver in North America. Consumers are being asked to think about their food a lot more, to "think before we eat." That new food awareness is driving a clear movement to form connections and focus on the community around food. Knowing where our meal comes from gives us a sense of confidence and traceability in our food choices. Adding the benefit of organic provides another level of accountability and assurance that we are consuming an ethical, healthy product, for ourselves and/or our children.
Certified Organic food must meet strict national standards. It is the most heavily regulated and scrutinized food system in Canada. But the benefits are huge. Choosing organic substantially reduces your exposure to chemical residue. Precious water reserves are managed much more carefully on an organic farm, which must be inspected annually. Organic agriculture builds healthy ecosystems and higher biodiversity, while using only half the energy required by other farming methods. And organic is the only nonGMO standard overseen by the Canadian government - organic standards forbid the use of GMOs in seeds, animal feed, and in the ingredients of processed organic food and products.
Embrace Organic Week this year by cooking an organic meal. Organic farming is good for rural Canada, and it tastes great, too!
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September 17, 2015 by Customer Support Foodsmiths
Making a difference in the season of giving

Making a difference in the season of giving

"The prize from the Sustainability Award that we won will be used over and over again for sustainable projects for the less fortunate in our world" says Don. "We can literally help hundreds of people with a relatively modest investment and add a little more each time to enable Kiva to continue their amazing programs."
December 23, 2014 by Donald Smith