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Vegetable Curry

With food prices being a concern for so many people, making sure to not waste what you have in your fridge is more important than ever. I have always been a fan of leftovers and never like to throw away vegetables that I forgot were in my fridge. A cool night and a quick check in my crisper, vegetable curry was my dinner solution. This is by no means an authentic curry, but a comforting meal.

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Tuna Melt

Although we are all thinking about healthier eating after the holidays, following a week of having family here and lots of cooking I was ready for a quick, no-think meal after my first day back to work.  One of my guilty pleasure comfort meals is a Tuna Melt!

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My Favourite Lentil Soup

I love mixing up and tweaking recipes to come up with my own style and favourite ingredients. This soup is really tasty and satisfying, and comes together quickly. I never get tired of eating it. Bonus: it's completely vegetarian.

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